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Who We Are

BEL Optronic Devices Ltd. (BELOP) is a Defence PSU and a subsidiary of Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) , a Government of India Enterprise under Ministry of Defence. BELOP was established in 1990 at the instance of Indian MOD for the manufacture and supply of Image Intensifier Tubes and its associated High Voltage Power Supplies required for various types of night vision Devices. Since inception, BELOP has supplied more than 1,50,000 nos. of II Tubes to Indian MOD, MHA, and Police Forces and also carries out training, repairs and maintenance of II Tubes for these Indian end users.

Process oriented manufacturing : Over 350 Processes
High voltages and ultra low currents : 7,000 Volts / < 0.1 nA
Special Raw materials & components : Processing and Treatment Precision Fabrication & Assembly : < 5 μm
Ultra high vacuum levels : < 10-9 mbar
Storage & Assembly : Controlled climatic conditions (Relative Humidity,Temperature and particle count)
Maintenance of plant and utilities : Multi skills and Experience

Due to the indigenous capability at BELOP to manufacture I.I. Tubes and its modules from the component level, makes it the only in-depth manufacturer of I.I. Tubes in India, thereby making India to be self reliant to meet the needs of its armed forces. It has the requisite testing, repairs and maintenance facilities that are essential to completely avoid foreign dependency.

This is also consistent with the “Make in India” philosophy of the Honourable Prime Minister and ensures that there is no dependence on imports and freedom from foreign sources for repair of Image Intensifier Tubes.

The Company’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 Standards and the Environmental Management System to ISO 14001:2015 Standards, by TUV INDIA PVT LIMITED.